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Product is initially delivered to our warehouse. However, we do offer home delivery for your convenience. The policies are as follows:


  • Standard Delivery Charges are Zone–Based and will vary with the scale of your delivery.
    • Normal prices range from $15 – $75. Please check with your sales rep for information regarding your location and delivery size.
    • Our normal delivery zone reaches as far north as the Golden Gate Bridge, as far south as Los Gatos and as far west as Half Moon Bay. East Bay deliveries are available.
    • Other areas are priced on a case-by–case basis.

  • Deliveries take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, first come, first serve. We do not schedule same day deliveries.

  • Delivery charges are applied after every trip out to the job site unless it is a DPS error or defective item.

  • There must be somebody at the jobsite to receive delivery unless an unmanned drop-off is requested. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge for a repeat trip out to the jobsite.

  • The time limit to report product damages, concealed or otherwise, is fairly short and determined by each individual manufacturer. We recommend that products are inspected and approved at time of delivery with our driver present.

  • All claims for damage or shortage must be reported within 10 business days from date of delivery.

While walk-ins are always welcome, we recommend a pre-scheduled appointment to ensure someone is available for your desired time frame. You may call our office to schedule your appointment with your preferred Sales Associate at 650-592-3337.

If you are looking for design assistance, both Jasmine Sartain and Christine Elderkin Campos are trained in Kitchen and Bath Design. While we do not offer a specific design service, you may request to work with them for guidance with your design. To view their individual qualifications and certifications, please view our Contact Us page.

For the best results, please bring as many of these items to your appointment as possible:

  • Plans, drawings, blueprints, etc. to have a general understanding of layout, clearance issues, sizing and product quantities.

  • Contractor contact information.

  • Time frame or schedule for your job.

  • Any design materials or magazines you like so we may steer you to appropriate products.

  • Your budget. It is always best to know beforehand what you are allotting to spend so we may direct you to products that fit your needs.

  • Questions, questions, questions!